Admission Criteria/What we offer

Admission Criteria: 

• Women only 18 and older

• Able to physically and mentally work full-time (a grace period is given to seek employment) 

• Willing to attend 12 Step Meetings/Obtain a sponsor 

• Participate in weekly house meeting and ladies meeting

• Submit to random drug and alcohol screens

• Adhere to house rules and guidelines 

• Limited use of antidepressants/mood stabilizers

• NOT accepting narcotic medications, opioids, benzodiazepines, methadone, gabapentin, kratom or any other herbal supplements

  • Will accept Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT), only through Gateway programs

• Responsible for your own, meals,  resources and assistance for foodstamps/ local food banks provided

What we offer: 

• Affordable rent $125.00 (does not include meals) 

• Room, board, utilities,

• Computer/internet access 

• Drug/alcohol screens 

• Linens and bedding 

• Laundry on site 

• Toiletries, personal products, clothing, if needed 

• Bus passes 

• Whole body spiritual/mental plan of action, to include resources for Yoga/Meditation

• Community Service opportunities

We strive to create the right conditions and environment so that women can focus on what is most important: STAYING CLEAN AND SOBER TO TRANSISTION BACK INTO SOCIETY WITH PURPOSE.