P.O Box 14289, Jax, Fl. 32238

(904) 710-3844

Awakenings...A New Start

AWAKENINGS HOUSE is a private and sober living home for women only, located in the residential area of the Westside of Jacksonville Florida. AHI locations offer our Residents easy access to public transportation, potential places of employment, health care clinics, community colleges and Twelve Step meetings. 


Admission Criteria: 

 • Women only 18 and older

 • Able to physically and mentally work full-time (a grace period is given to seek employment) 

• Willing to attend 12 Step Meetings/Obtain a sponsor 

• Participate in weekly house meeting and ladies meeting

 • Submit to random drug and alcohol screens

 • Adhere to house rules and guidelines 

• Limited use of antidepressants/mood stabilizers

 • NOT accepting narcotic medications, opioids, benzodiazepines, suboxone/methadone, gabapentin, kratom or any other herbal supplements

 • Responsible for your own, meals,  resources and assistance for foodstamps/ local food banks provided

What we offer: 

• Affordable rent $125.00 (does not include meals) 

• Room, board, utilities,

 • Computer/internet access 

• Drug/alcohol screens 

• Linens and bedding 

• Laundry on site 

• Toiletries, personal products, clothing, if needed 

• Bus passes 

• Whole body spiritual/mental plan of action, to include resources for Yoga/Meditation

 • Community Service opportunities

We strive to create the right conditions and environment so that women can focus on what is most important: STAYING CLEAN AND SOBER TO TRANSISTION BACK INTO SOCIETY WITH PURPOSE.